Erica Bradley

Erica Bradley

Two albums in and a bit more life experience, erica is officially releasing her 6 song ep "somewhere between" on june first 2019. the singer songwriter spent the winter in the studio with her music partner jay mittler and they have created "a little bit of magic" Join her for the release!

Erica has played gigs in canada as far as Fredricton,new brunswick. She has also played at the legendary "elmocambo" in toronto, ontario. she recorded a song at the orange lounge in toronto, with some incredibly talented musicians. she studied independent music production at seneca college in toronto and graduated with honours. 

What's next? working on an ep of studio music and playing more live gigs. wanna check her out? check out the tour page and come sing some songs!

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Jay Mittler

Jay Mittler has had the great privilege of living a creative existence for most of his life.

    Tours and performances as a backup musician have taken him to every province in Canada and most states in the country to our south as well as 41 other countries. He has used his Classical music training on guitar, piano, violin and trumpet and applied it to his love of rock, indie, folk, and rhythm & blues.

    After several years of touring and schooling,  Jay accepted a position as director of music at the Renaissance School of Music and later founded the Kingston School of Music. In 1996 he moved to a little town in Eastern Ontario to aid in a more relaxed lifestyle and further his greatest passion; song writing.  In recent years he wrote the entire original content for the group Three More Times’ album “Still Waiting” (2004)  , My Girl Mondays’ “Small Town Girl” (2009) and Erica Bradley’s “Face” (2011) .

    As the choral director of the Gananoque Young Choristers and That Teen Group  (1994 -2010) Jay was fortunate enough to have coached many fine young singers but it was his special connection and belief in Erica’s future as a performing artist that resulted in him being on this web page. Since 2007 the two have been exploring the world as musical partners.

Singer and spark-plug. Songwriter and mentor.