2020 Things

Hello friends,

It’s TIME! Time to book for 2020. I’ve been searching the past few weeks for really great events and places, festivals etc to book for 2020. I never really realized how much there was to do in Ontario alone. We’re very lucky.

I’m looking for suggestions for some new festivals that suit our genre… jazzy/folk. Mostly folk though. Feel free to shoot us a message if you have an idea!

I’m also looking in the new year to play music strictly and not have a “day job” so to speak. The idea is terrifying…but also brings me a huge sense of accomplishment and joy. I know I might need a part time job to pay the bills some months, but playing music full time- since I went to school to learn to be an independent musician- why not try and actually attain that goal?

I’m also looking to speak with other musicians who’ve done the same thing and are somewhat successful. I know it’s not something easy to do. I’m always looking to start conversations and talk about the beginning steps etc. I’m also not good at booking myself at locations for gigs.. so any suggestions for that would also be welcomed. :)

Talk soon friends.